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Welcome to The Royal Cantonese Restaurant....
Home of the Best Eggrolls, Mai Tais & Martinis around (per our customer).

Established in 1975, the Royal Cantonese has been serving the finest in Chinese cuisine
for almost half a century.

Foods are prepared with the finest ingredients because quality is never compromised.
Whether dining in our tranquil dining room or telephoning for gourmet carryout,
foods are cooked when you order it, fresh and hot

The taste of the dishes are only preceded by the impeccable service from the staff,
not to mention the utmost friendly hospitality.

The petite bar has the atmosphere of "Cheers" and a stock of "lively spirits".

Most, if not all, of our customers are referrals from their friends, co-workers
or family members who patronage our fine establishment.

All these attributes contribute to the life long history of the restaurant.

Thank you to all our customers who helped make it possible.

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