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Join us for a drink!
In our cheerful bar atmosphere. You can come and grab a seat while you wait for your carryout or pull up a seat and eat at our bar. Supplied with a good amount of liquor and drinks. We will certainly do our best to fulfill your needs. It's not your typical bar - we're cozy, friendly, and make you feel welcomed!

Our list of drinks consist of:

Tropical Drinks
Mai Tai and Baby Mai Tai
Blue Hawaiian
Chi Chi
Dr. Fong
Eastern Sour
Fog Cutter
Hawaiian Bolo Passion
Honolulu Cocktail
London Sour
Paradise Ruby
Passion Fruit
Pina Colada
Planter's Punch
Singapore Sling
Suffering Bastard
Scorpion for 1, 2 and 4

Miller Lite
Miller Genuine Draft
Bud Lite
Kirin Ichiban 21 oz.
Tsing Tao
Large Sapporo 21oz.

Chinese Liquer
Mou Tai (106 proof)
Mou Tai (76 proof)
Ng Ga Pay
Chu Yen Bamboo
Ming Lychee
Hot Sake

Red Wine
Copperidge Merlot
Copperridge Cabernet Sauvignon

White Wine
Copperidge Chardonnay
Pinot Grigio
Fuki Plum

Copperidge White Zinfandel

After Dinner Drinks
Courvoisier X.O.
Courvoisier Napoleon
Courvoisier V.S.O.P.
Courvoisier V.S.
Hennesey V.S.
Martell V.S.
Remy Martin V.S.O.P.

We have lively
spirits at the bar

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